Why Joining Multiple Bookmakers Gets You The Best Returns

Betting in Australia is something that continues to grow every year. This has also seen a growing range of options for punters to choose from. As anyone that regularly watches sport on TV will know, vast amounts of marketing dollars are going towards getting the various bookmaker brands out there.

Yet many punters still feel more comfortable placing their bets at the local TAB rather than take the plunge and check out some of the amazing offers being put out right now by the bookies. So if you’ve ever bet, or even thought about placing a bet, read on as this article will help you to get the best returns.

Higher Odds Means Bigger Payouts

It’s such a simple fact but is often ignored by recreational punters, that the higher the odds you are getting on your bets, the bigger the payout you will receive if you win.

Bookmakers add what is called a ‘Margin’ to their bets. So if it is deemed an event has two equally possible outcomes (for example which team will win the coin toss) the true odds for the bet should be 2.00 for heads, and 2.00 for tails meaning you double your money if you get it right.

This however rarely happens in reality, as bookmakers add a margin, or house edge to their odds to help ensure that they make money. And instead you would see odds ranging anywhere from 1.86 for both outcomes, to 1.98 for both outcomes, depending on the bookie you bet with and how generous their lines are.

Take this example of an NBA Basketball match between the Chicago Bulls & Oklahoma City Thunder

The TAB sees them as being equally matched and is offering 1.90 odds for both teams:

Image from www.tab.com.au
Image from www.tab.com.au

However, when looking at an odds comparison service like Oddschecker.com.au we see there are options out there to get much better odds on either outcome depending on the bookie you bet with:

Image from www.oddschecker.com.au
Image from www.oddschecker.com.au

So if you were interested in betting on the Thunder to win the match, you could bet at Betfair and get 1.99 odds

Or if you wanted to bet on the Bulls you could get 2.00 odds at William Hill, Centrebet or Tom Waterhouse.

It may not seem like a big difference, but from a $100 bet, that’s an extra $10 winnings in your account. When you add this up over the course of an NBA season where 1,230 games are played you could be thousands of dollars better off simply by taking the best price around for your bets!

Betting needs to be viewed the same way as any other type of spending, and taking the best value is key. You wouldn’t buy a DVD for $39.95 at Myer if you saw the same title at JB Hifi for $15.95, and the same should be reflected in your betting.

Bonus Bets Means Bigger Payouts

To push things further in your favour, bookmakers can be ridiculously generous when setting up your account. Crownbet has had an offer where you simply sign up and deposit $50 and get a $150 bonus added on top, taking your balance to $200!

Considering a $50 horse racing bet where you get odds of 10-1 at the local TAB, you would get a return of:

$50 x 10 = $500

If you join Crownbet, for your $50 deposit you could place a $200 bet!

($50 + $150) x 10.00 = $1850 win after the $150 bonus bet stake is retained by the bookie.

So from the same $50 you outlay for your bet you would be $1350 better off simply by signing up with a new bookmaker. If you were betting at 5.00 odds, the difference is even bigger! With TAB you would get a return of $2,000, but with Crownbet you would have a return of $4,400 on an identical bet – an extra $2,400 in your account!

That’s just one example, and there are plenty of good bookmakers around with bonus bet offers ranging from $250 all the way up to $3,000 for new members.

If that wasn’t enough, the bookies email you their new promotions each week. So a conscientious punter, making the exact same bets as one with their blinders on, can win far greater amounts.

Important things to know:

You cannot set up multiple accounts with 1 bookmaker for your wife or other relatives living at the same address as you. This will be viewed as abusing the offer and you will likely have your account suspended.

When using the bonus bet, you may need to roll over your winnings before you can withdraw funds. This is something that most bookmakers do to ensure they’re attracting genuine punters, not someone that’s just there to place a single bet and disappear.

It’s always best to check each bookmaker’s terms and conditions to ensure you’re aware of all the rules of their offers, but generally if you aren’t planning to do anything blatantly dishonest you should be fine.

So which are the best offers to choose from?

These are the top 12 offers currently available via Sportsurvey.com.au,

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Full terms and conditions of the offers on the bookmaker’s site. Best of luck on your bets!

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